Software Development

Software Development

Jay Ambe Infosolutions is a premier service provider that has been winning the trust of clients for years through its organized trade activities and excellent customer service. We are based in Gandhinagar (Gujarat, India) and can be trusted for developing computers systems recovery king software. Besides, we provide appropriate solutions for computers data backup every single minutes and antivirus. Armed with industry experience and professionalism, we offer custom software development solutions as per individuals functional needs. So, tell us your requirements so that we can design optimum software for you.

Price for Software :
System Recovery King

  • Rs. 1499 for 1 year Licence per User
  • Rs. 2499 for Life time Licence per User

What is System Recovery King Professional Software?
System Recovery King Professional is a pioneer of the new breed of PC instant recovery software. Working like a time machine, System Recovery King Professional allows computer users, regardless their skill levels, to easily and quickly fix computer problems in seconds by restoring back the PC in time. With System Recovery King Professional, do not waste your time troubleshooting PC problems, instantly undo your PC problems.

What can System Recovery King Professional Do?
Just to name a few things you can do with System Recovery King Professional.
  • Recover deleted or corrupted files.
  • Revert files to earlier versions.
  • Restore entire system to a clean state after virus Infection.
  • Restore a crashed system in seconds.
  • Reset publicly shared system to clean, pre-configured states after each session.
  • Remove unwanted software installations.
  • Back out failed software deployment process.
  • Fix daily user or program errors.
  • Try out software products before actual deployments.
  • Complete removal of Trojan horse or hacker software.

How Does System Recovery King Professional Works?
System Recovery King Professional works by creating (restoring, exploring) snapshots of the PC. Technically, a snapshot is a map of the hard drive sectors and the map's indexing system. In terms, a snapshot is a "picture" of the PC at a given time. Users can select a snapshot to recover files from or restore the entire system to.
For more details click the link below to download the complete details of the System Recovery King Professional Software.

Data Backup software
  • Rs. 1799 for 1 year per user
  • Rs. 2799 for life time per user

Product details - System Data Security Suite
What is System Data Security Suite Software?
System Data Security Suite is an affordable and reliable drive image solution that allows you to create backup images of hard disks or partitions in user-friendly Windows interface with just several clicks. System Data Security Suite protects your valuable data from disasters in the most simple and effective way!

What can System Data Security Suite be used for?
Use System Data Security Suite as a backup program for disaster recovery. If your disk or partition is no longer accessible due to corruption of the disk's file system or system files, and you previously created a disk image or partition image file, you will be able to use that image file to restore the disk or partition. If the hard disk is physically damaged, you can use the image file to restore the data to a new hard disk.

Use System Data Security Suite for basic file recovery. If you lose a file and don't have a dedicated file backup, any previously created image file containing the lost data can be read by System Data Security Suite Explorer to extract the desired file from that image file.

Use System Data Security Suite as a mean to transfer a computer's entire operating system, with programs and data files intact, to a new computer or to a new hard disk. If you want to restore a system from an image file to a different hard disk, System Data Security Suite can move or resize a partition's location or size to suit the new hard disk.

System Data Security Suite Highlights
Real-time Hard Disk Imaging Backup - All your applications remain online during the hard drive backup. System Data Security Suite performs hot backup and protects your system without interrupting your working process.

Fast and Reliable System Restore - System Data Security Suite delivers fast workstations restore even from bare-metal state. You can browse backup images and restore separate files and folders or entire hard disk partitions and hard disks.

User-Friendly Recovery Media Builder - System Data Security Suite includes a user-friendly recovery media builder that allows you to create and burn bootable recovery CD/DVDs containing HDD backup images.

Hardware and Software Flexibility - Wide range of software and hardware support, local or network backup media support as well as built-in CD/DVD Burner to place HDD backup images on CD/DVD delivers great flexibility to IT professionals and system administrators.

Product details - System Data Security Suite

Features System Data Security Suite Other Products
Support for Windows XP, 7, 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Servers Yes Yes
Backup without interruptions to users work in progress Yes Yes
Full Back up, Incremental Backup and Differential Backup Yes Yes
Backup to Internal Network, External Networks, USB, CD's and DVD's Yes Yes
Backup with 3 compression level Yes Some Does
Customize backup image file size Yes Yes
Backup file validation Yes Yes
Open Backup Image as virtual drives Yes Yes
File Backup and Recovery Yes Some Does
Schedule unattended backup jobs Yes Yes
Create bootable recovery media Yes Yes
Network Enabled Recovery Disk Yes Some Does
Sector by sector restore Yes Some Does
Resize partitions size during restore Yes Some Does
Disk Cloning Yes Some Does
Price Very Affordable Very High




  • Rs. 999 for 1 year per user
  • Rs. 4599 for 1 year 10 users.

Product details - Safekill Antivirus

Welcome to #1 Ranked Antivirus Technology.

  • Antivirus
  • Anti - Spyware
  • Antiphishing
  • Antirootkit
  • USB Immunizer
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Social Networking Protection
  • Auto Pilot and User Mode
  • Chat Encryption
  • Safepay web browser
  • Auto detection of risky websites
  • Rescue mode for restoration
  • Data Protection
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